Welcome Message

16th – 29th August 2021


On behalf of the Organizing Committee, we would like to invite you to participate in the International Summer Course on Marine Natural Products (ISCMNP) to be held virtually using zoom platform at IPB University, Indonesia, during August 16th – 29th, 2021.  

Indonesia is located at one of the centers of biodiversity hotspots endowed with a coral reef triangle, and is an epicenter of marine biodiversity. With such a namesake, we found it quite appropriate to have such event. The main objective of summer course is to introduce marine natural product chemistry, a cutting-edge of organic chemistry, by studying marine biodiversity and their chemistry. The scientific program covers a series of exciting sessions in all related areas: biodiversity of Indo-Pacific marine organisms, isolation and structure elucidation of marine natural products, biosynthesis and genomic analysis of marine natural products, marine natural products synthesis and medicinal chemistry, marine chemical ecology, marine natural products chemical biology and biotechnology, mode of action, drug development of marine natural products, and miscellaneous. Under such scope, we wish to exemplify how marine natural products have become one of the major breakthrough in both basic and applied sciences. In addition, we hope our knowledge contributes to biodiversity preservation using chemical innovations.

The summer course provides world-renowned natural product chemists: Professor Makoto Fujita, The University of Tokyo; Professor Leo Lai Chan, City University of Hongkong; Professor Toshiyuki Wakimoto, Hokkaido University; Dr. Clemens Anklin, Vice President Bruker Biospin; Professor Marnix Medema; Wageningen University Research; Professor Jiajun Wu, City University of Hongkong; Professor Pengbin Wang, The Second Institute of Oceanography and The Fourth Institute of Oceanography, China; Professor Masaki Kita, Nagoya University; Professor Jiajun Wu, City University of Hongkong; Professor Nicole J de Voogd, Naturalis Biodiversity Center and Leiden University; Professor Lik Tong Tan, Nanyang Technological University; Dr. Peni Ahmadi, RIKEN and LIPI; Dr. Nur Alia Oktaviani, RIKEN.

Because of COVID-19 related to travel restrictions, the ISCMNP 2021 will be held virtually using zoom platform. A combination of lectures, workshop or case study lectures as well as interactive sessions will provide an immersive and challenging experience research. Students and researchers in the fields of Chemistry, Biology, Microbiology, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, Marine Science and related fields will have the opportunity to participate in the summer school and attend lectures covering topics related to the entire workflow of marine natural products research, current challenges and opportunities associated with natural products. As the scientific background of participants is expected to differ widely, the intensive summer school will offer lectures ranging from fundamental knowledge to advanced level. The webpage and leaflet will be updated frequently. Come and visit us often to check on how the organizing progresses. Any of your suggestions, either on the scientific program or the social functions, are totally welcome, so that we could accommodate your needs and make this ISCMNP success.

We look forward to seeing you virtually all in August.

Novriyandi Hanif
Chair of The ISCMNP