ISCMNP at a Glance

The main objective of ISCMNP is to introduce marine natural product chemistry, a cutting-edge organic chemistry, by studying marine biodiversity and their chemistry. This summer course has given an effort to introduce marine natural product chemistry and trained students to have such advanced knowledge since 2019. With having more skilled and knowledge in biology and chemistry in hand, students or researchers can appreciate the biodiversity, otherwise we simply do not care with our environment. We hope our knowledge contributes to biodiversity preservation using chemical innovations.

Course Description

International Summer Course on Marine Natural Products (IPB300), possessing 3 credits, is designed for international/national upper undergraduate and graduate students who are engaged in life science and related fields. Currently, because of Covid 19 restrictions, the program provides virtually lectures and workshop or case study lectures. Field works experience will also be delivered by a video. This course has prerequisite general courses such as basic chemistry and biology. The learning outcome of this course is to study marine natural product chemistry in the perspective of chemistry and biology especially molecular structure determination, biosynthesis, biodiversity marine macro and microorganisms, mode of action and drug development of marine natural products. In addition, the upgrading knowledge and communication skill will be through a series of tests, discussion, and oral presentation. The course is given in English. All participants are encouraged to register and submit their abstracts before the deadline 17th July 2021 (extended to 31st July 2021).


Because of COVID-19 related to travel restrictions, the ISCMNP 2021 will be held virtually using zoom platform. The summer course provides high caliber mentors in the field. A combination of lectures, workshop or case study lectures as well as interactive sessions will provide an immersive and challenging experience of research. One week of invited lectures followed by another week of case study lectures/workshops will strengthen and upgrade knowledge and skill of participants. The program is also offering virtual social activities besides general test and oral presentations. We will give considerable award to those who win the oral presentations. 


During the summer course, there will be a test (MCQs) and oral presentation for each participants for 12 minutes including discussion.



Prof. Dr. Makoto Fujita

The University of Tokyo, Japan


Prof. Dr. Leo  Lai Chan

City University of Hong Kong, China


Prof. Dr. Toshiyuki Wakimoto

Hokkaido University, Japan


Dr. Clemens Anklin

Vice President Bruker BioSpin, USA


Prof. Dr. Marnix Medema

Wageningen University Research, The Netherlands


Prof. Dr. Jiajun Wu

City University of Hong Kong, China


Prof. Dr. Pengbin Wang

The Second Institute of Oceanography and The Fourth Institute of Oceanography, China


Prof. Dr. Masaki Kita

Nagoya University, Japan


Prof. Dr. Nicole J. de Voogd

Naturalis Biodiversity Center/University of Leiden, The Netherlands


Prof. Dr. Lik Tong Tan

Nanyang Technological University, Singapore


Dr. Nur Alia Oktaviani

RIKEN, Japan


Dr. Peni Ahmadi

RIKEN, Japan/LIPI, Indonesia

All participants are requested to submit an abstract for an oral presentation. Applicants must submit their abstract with registration by 17th July 2021 31st July 2021.

The abstracts must be prepared according to the instructions as in template. Please note that all the abstracts have to be submitted electronically according to the given instructions. When submitting your abstract, choose the most relevant topic: Biodiversity of Indo-Pacific Marine Organisms, Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Marine Natural Products, Biosynthesis and Genomic Analysis of Marine Natural Products, Marine Natural Products Synthesis and Medicinal Chemistry, Marine Chemical Ecology, Marine Natural Products Chemical Biology and Biotechnology, Mode of Action and Drug Development of Marine Natural Products, and Miscellaneous.

Abstract Template